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Bravura The Exclusive Care For Sensitive Skin

Payment options

《Online Payment》

We use PayNow system for online shopping, all action are encrypted by SSL mechanism. No handling fee, VISA, Mastercard, JCB and any other cards available. We provied more choices for your convenience.


《Convenient Store Pick-up And Pay》

There's only 7-11 convenient store available for now.

When the merchandise arrives the designated convenient store you provided, you will receive a text message, then pick and pay. (Please be noticed that the package will only be available for 7 days, it will be cancelled and returned if no one picks up in 7 days.)


《Transnational Online Credit Card》

Payment can be made with VISA, Mastercard, JCB and other types of credit cards. The checkout amount will be calculated at the current exchange rate of the local card issuing bank. If you choose international express, please be sure to fill in detailed receiving information to facilitate delivery.


《Transfer and Remittance》

After the transfer, please put the last five digits of the account in the "Order System" to facilitate account inquiry and have your package delivered as soon as possible.


《Anti-fraud Statement》

The company will never ask you for credit card information. The consumption description column of the credit card transaction statement will be "PayNow Online Payment".

If you receive a claim that there is a problem with the order, please be sure to contact our customer service at 02-2298-8771. Remind you, please call special line 165 to reach  anti-fraud unit of police department.


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Monday to Friday (National holidays excluded), 9 am to 6 pm

Shipping & delivery

《Domestic Delivery Time》

After the payment is completed, the package will be delivered in 3-7 working days(holidays excluded). In case of national holidays or natural disasters such typhoons and earthquakes, the shipments will be postponed.

◎On the main island of Taiwan, free shipping service is available for purchases above NTD$1,000.

◎Out of the main islands of Taiwan, free shipping service is available for purchases above NTD$2,000.


《Overseas Delivery Time》

After the confirmation of order and the payment, the merchandise will be sent from Taiwan within 3 working days (It will be postponed in case of a holiday.). The days of arrival takes will be different depending on the distance. It will take 7-14 days in Asia region. You are always welcome to mail us for consulting the time of delivery.


《Overseas Duty》

Due to the calculation of shipping rate could be adjusted irregularly, the actual fee will be based on the freight displayed at the checkout. The import tariff standards of countries are different, if you receive the package, your country may collect the tariff of the goods or additional charges for remote areas. The buyer has to pay for the cost, apology for the inconvenience.


《Pick-up at Convenient Stores》

Currently available for 7-11 convenience store only

After the goods arrive the designated convenience store, you will be notified by text message, and you can do the payment while picking-up. (Please be sure the package will be picked-up within 7 days after the arrival. Or it will be cancelled and returned.)

If the product is returned without being picked up for no reason, you will be put in the blacklist by the system and can no longer do another purchasement. If you would like to cancel the ordere, please call the customer service hotline +886-2-22988771 between 09:30~17:30 from Monday to Friday.

The package will be delivered to your designated location by Postal system, and the delivery staff will contact you by phone. After signing for the receiving, the payment can be handed over to the delivery staff.

◎Apology for no "outer island" and "overseas" cash on delivery service for now.


《Shipping Fee for Taiwan and overseas Delivery》

◎NTD$80 for Taiwan island shipping, free shipping over NTD$1,000.

◎ NTD$100 for Taiwan outer islands shipping, free shipping over NTD$2,000.

◎NTD$120 for Hong Kong shipping, free shipping over NTD$2,980.

◎NTD$600 for shipping to Japan, free shipping over NTD$5,000.

◎NTD$120 for shipping to Macau, free shipping over NTD$2,980.

◎NTD$250 for shipping to Malaysia, free shipping over NTD$3,680.

◎NTD$250 for shipping to Singapore, free shipping over NTD$3,680.

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Monday to Friday (National holidays excluded), 9 am to 6 pm


Order tracking

《Order Status Request》

After the payment is completed, the system will send you an order success notification by e-mail. If you'd like to check your order status, please click the "Order Inquiry" icon in the upper left corner at the homepage of the official website and enter your order number, authentication code as well.(If you have not received the notification letter, please check your letter trash can, if you still couldn't find it, you can use the online private message to reach us, or you can mail us for inquiry via

Sales & refunds

《Retfund and exchange instructions》

《Defective Exchange》

Please unpack and confirm the items immediately once receiving the package. If there is damage, liquid leakage, or the quantity and type of items does not match the order, please call +886-2- 2299-1568 within 3 days, we will provide return and exchange services unconditionally.


《Return and Exchange Processing Instructions》

According to the Consumer Protection Law "Applicable Criteria for Reasonable Exceptions to the Right of Dissolution of Communication Transactions", return and exchange services cannot be performed in the following situations:

◎Products that have been opened for use.

◎The original invoice is lost.

◎The goods cannot be returned or exchanged after the 7-day appreciation period has passed.

◎Only one return or exchange for a single order.

◎Pormoted expiring products cannot be returned or exchanged.

◎For overseas orders, the 7-day appreciation period is not applicable. Due to customs restrictions,  the items cannot be returned or        exchanged after being sold.




When returning the items, you must have the invoice, gifts, packaging, and accessories attached. If they are not intact, you will not be able to have return or exchange of the goods.

Please call +886-2-2299-1568 before returning the goods, tell us your order number, telephone number, name, confirm the reason for the return, and we will arrange after-sales service for you.

Whether you were picking up the goods in a general home delivery or convenient store, we will arrange staff to receive the goods at your home. Please pack the product and the outer box well,  and give it to the home delivery staff. After the goods are confirmed to be collected, we will refund your payment.

《How to Refund》

◎Transfer and remittance/convenient store pickup and payment

Choose the payment method above when placing an order. In order to ensure the rights of both parties, please choose one of the following methods such as customer service mailbox, fan page private message, LINE official account. And send a copy of the passbook (photo), name and phone number of the orderer. Once it's confirmed, we will refund you as soon as possible.

◎Online Payment

After receiving the returned product, the refund will be processed for you immediately. Because of the difference between operation time of banks, your current amount of refund may not be shown in the current month but next one if your checkout date is between the previous and the last period. If you have any questions, please reach us via +886-2-2299-1568 or use the customer service mailbox, fan page private message, LINE official account, etc..


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 1. Collection and Usage of Consumer Personal Information

◎When you browse this website and related websites, this website and related websites will not actively ask you to enter personal information.

◎When you need to shop or participate in activities, this website will ask you to log in with your personal information in order to complete transactions and related services.

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2. User Personal Information

◎During the registration, you can set up a set of accounts for yourself, which includes a set of emails and a set of passwords. Through this account, you can use related membership services in accordance with the website instructions.

◎Please keep your member account and password properly. Please do not provide these information to anyone. After using it, please log out of your account. If you share your computer with others or use a public computer, please remember to close your browser to prevent others from seeing the personal information and obtaining your account.

◎If you find that your account and password has been accidentally lost or fraudulently used, this website will immediately stop the processing and utilization of the transaction right after receiving your notice.


3. Revision of Privacy Protection Policy

◎This website reserves the right to change the contents of this statement. In addition to the announcement of the change statement at the same location on the website, there will be no individual notification for any members.

◎If you have any questions about this privacy protection policy, please contact our company directly.


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